Why Buy From Us?

Why should you trust 100K Homes for your next purchase? Here’s why.

Upscale Homes Without The Upscale Price

At 100K Homes, we’re proud to offer upscale homes at an affordable price. To do this, we take old, unwanted, dilapidated, and foreclosed homes and turn them into a high quality dream house. Every house in the 100K Homes for sale inventory has been renovated, restored, and updated by our talented team and is move-in ready!

Easy, No Hassle Purchase Process 

The last thing we want to do is delay you from moving into your new home. That’s why we work to make sure the purchasing process is as easy and hassle free as possible. No negotiations with other buyers are agents. Just a straight deal between you and 100K Homes!

Financing And Pre-Approval 

We don’t want anything to stand in between you and your dream home – even money. That’s why we offer easy financing and provide an simple, no cost process for pre-approval. Even better, many of our buyers are able to get approved the same day! 

We’re A Local, Independent Business

100K Homes is not a large, national corporation. So when you buy from us, you’re not just getting a great deal on an amazing home. You’re supporting a local, independent business and invigorating the local economy in East Alabama.

Convinced? If so, head over to our for sale listing and find your dream home today!